Glow In The Dark Cordage


Strings and ropes are one of the oldest commodities of humanity. The first strings were braided from grass to bundle items, tie tent poles and overcome obstacles. For example, seafaring without cordage is unthinkable. Today, especially in sailing sports, cordage made from artificial fiber has been quickly established due to strength and durability.
We developed cordage with glow in the dark pigment. This adds incredible value especially to water rescue ropes.

Is the Afterglow Effect Harmfully to the Environment? 

The glow in the dark effect or after glow comes from applying phosphorescence pigment during fiber manufacturing. The pigment is neither toxic nor radioactive. The glow in the dark crystals are activated by light res. UV radiation from daylight or sunlight. The collected energy is then slowly released as light. This afterglow effect is active more than 8 hours in darkness. 

Increase Safety With Glow In The Dark Cordage

Polypropylen WasserrettungsleineStrong and durable glow in the dark nylon ropes are used as tie downs and for mooring. Stumbling over ropes in darkness is over. Thinner lines are used by technical divers and cave explorers to get back to the base safely in case torches fail.
No more falling over tent guy lines. Ideal as barrier for unsafe terrain. Even designers and architects find a multitude of applications within interior design, architecture, and stage design. Glow in the dark cordage is of great use during open air concerts and festivals. 

Dyneema rope und polypropylen rope with glow in the dark jacket and an integrated retro reflective fiber are perfectly applied at water and land rescue operations: Dyneema - strong with low stretch and floating or the polypropylene line as a floating all purpose water rescue rope. 

Static kernmantle rope is ideal for lifting heavy loads - tight braiding with almost no stretch avoids the milking of the rope (jacket moves on the core braid).